Monday, March 15, 2010

Who Are Your Chinese Competitors Hiring Now?

I received a call last week from Mr. Li who recently became president of a large Chinese chemicals company in Beijing. Mr. Li asked DHR to help him fill several senior positions. This company, which supplies products to the construction industry, is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and has private investors with deep pockets. Mr. Li, who has previously led Western companies in China, was charged by the company’s investor group to grow sales and develop the brand in Asia.

At present most Chinese companies rely on personal relationships to find employees rather than using retained search. This is slowly changing. We are seeing instances where a Western-trained company executive or outside investors compel the company to use retained search to bring in professional management.

To build the brand, Mr. Li told us he will need to build a reputation for consistency, reliability and quality from scratch. He is interested in hiring individuals from well-respected Western chemical companies with international outlooks. Mr. Li. is starting by hiring a research and development leader. The right R & D head can lead the way in formulating differentiated products. He or she can provide needed training and instill respect for quality throughout the organization. Mr. Li also seeks a strong financial manager to introduce reporting and business controls. Having a highly qualified CFO is also important because the company plans to make acquisitions later.

Mr. Li also needs to hire individuals with international outlooks and Western-company experience in Strategy, and General Management who will help him develop a dynamic sales and marketing organization to drive sales and build customer loyalty.

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