Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hiring Trends in China: Innovators, Marketeers in Demand -

GM sales in China soared 50% in April to a monthly record thanks to strong demand for Buick brand cars and Wuling mini vehicles. The China country president of a major American automotive parts supplier told us that domestic revenues are on the upswing, fueled by sales to China automakers as well as by foreign OEMs while export sales declined 70%.

These results reflect the latest trends here. While manufacturers see a decline in exports, domestic sales are healthy. Foreign manufacturers that are best positioned to benefit are those who commit to China by re-designing their products to sell here. One company CEO described this as making products “relevant” to the market. This means excellent quality at lower price points. Companies are building up their R & D capabilities, extending their market reach to the mid-low end and localizing their supply chains.

We see increased hiring for individuals in marketing and sales, research and development and product commercialization who are experienced in China. Even companies with hiring freezes are making exceptions to hire in sales and marketing. As long as manufacturers regarded China as a cheap manufacturing location for exports, the emphasis was on driving down costs. As manufacturers switch their priorities to domestic growth, employers are looking for people who understand the market and how to reach it.

Salary Benchmarking: Expatriate Salaries in China -

Wharton Professor to Speak on Succession Planning June 10 in Shanghai Sponsored by DHR International -

Wharton Professor of Marketing and Sociology, Marshall Meyer, will discuss succession planning in China at a Leadership Forum sponsored by DHR International and the Pennsylvania Center in Shanghai on June 10th. Professor Meyer will address leadership and succession issues at Western and Chinese companies. Following Professor Meyer’s presentation, Caroline Edwards, head of the Succession Planning Practice at DHR International and Gordon Hwang, Senior Vice President at Tyco Electronics will engage the audience in a discussion of their experiences in this area.

“Succession Planning: Managing the Transition to China Leadership” will take place from 16:00 - 18:00 Wednesday June 10th, Pennsylvania Center, Room A401, Tomorrow Square, JW Marriott Building Complex, 399 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai.

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